Shame on you for releasing software that has bugs. YOU know the code, 
    YOU should know where every bug is located. There is absolutely no 
    reason to release software that has a bug in it. Perhaps you don't know 
    how to properly write software, I don't know. I wrote software for many 
    years and no one has ever found a bug in my apps. Why? Because I refuse 
    to release software that has a bug. You may be one of the best human 
    beings on the planet, but as a programmer you're worthless.


    Software should work right every time, yes, it's possible, I did it for 
    many years. If it doesn't work right every time, DON'T RELEASE IT!

    Grisbi crashed, that means the app is junk and should be completely 
    rewritten correctly or maybe you should find another hobby. It is a 
    shame that people have to put up with garbage apps like this.

Dear user,

thank you for your very appreciative feedback.

To tell the truth, we put bugs in our software just to screw up users and to frustrate them. Thanks to your feedback I now realize we perfectly achieved our goal. Now please could you do me a favour, fuck off and die?

Sincerely yours, Benjamin