mercredi 7 novembre 2012

La tarte aux noix qui p0utr

Tarte aux noix, CC by Missy -

Souvent imitée, jamais égalée (ou en tout cas personne n'a jamais osé y mettre autant de beurre), voici ma recette de tarte aux noix.

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lundi 29 octobre 2012

Nouveau site !

Ça faisait un petit moment que je voulais le faire, mais j'ai enfin pris le temps de mettre à jour ce site, qui va passer de pages HTML statiques générées par une moulinette d'une complexité incroyable vers un moteur moderne, dotclear.

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mercredi 13 juillet 2005

Preparing for a trip to Cahors

I'm departing tonight for some days to Cahors (Lot), in southern France. For those who do not know it, Lot is a very nice part of France, wild, with astonishing landscape and with welcoming people. Once you know that it is always sunny there and that it is where food and wine are best, you really don't want to spend your holidays elsewhere. :-)

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dimanche 10 juillet 2005

Back from the LSM2005

LSM2005 was great even if there were some organization issues, like not knowing if you would have a room to sleep during night. A friend even proposed me to sleep on the floor in her sleeping bag! Fortunately, it was not a serious issue but with more information, additional stress would have been avoided.

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jeudi 7 juillet 2005

Preparing for the Libre Software Meeting 2005

I am preparing my package for the Libre Software Meeting as my train is departing in less than two hours.

I am feeling pretty excited going there as a lot of old friends are there. I seriously doubt we will skinny-dip, but conferences are promising and we are most probably going to have fun as usual.

See you there !

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mercredi 6 juillet 2005

European parliament rejects software patents

"Software patents directive has been rejected by 648 votes against 14."

Happy happy joy joy !

Now, if Paris doesn't get the 2012 games, it will be a perfect day.

Oh wait, if I can meet the woman of my life today, THAT would be a perfect day. :-)

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lundi 4 juillet 2005

Preparing for the Libre Software Meeting

As I'm supposed to deliver a speech at the Libre Software Meeting, I have to prepare it. These days were quite busy: waking up late, sunbathing, skating, sketching in Paris, ... needless to say, I'm now late and I have to finish my speech soon!

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vendredi 1 juillet 2005

We don't need ESR anymore

Sure Eric, Free Software has no foes or even if it has, they won't attack us, right?

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lundi 27 juin 2005

Kicking does not help

I've already tried, kicking pillars does not help against arousal. A cold shower is much more efficient, I promise.

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jeudi 9 juin 2005

DSL is back!

To my great surprise, our DSL line is now functional at our new flat!.

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lundi 6 juin 2005

Hippy hippy shake!

Many many thanks to all of the people that have worked so hard for this new Debian release. Nuff said!

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vendredi 29 avril 2005

[VAC] 2005-04-30 - xxx

Tomorrow, I'm to move to a new place. Thanks to our phone operator, my flatmates and I are unlikely to obtain an internet access before at least two weeks. No packaging, no flaming, no trolling, no blogging, no mooing on IRC ... life is going to be cruel during next weeks. :-)

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mercredi 27 avril 2005

Tuning EMMS

In a previous blog entry, I talked about EMMS, a cool OGG player for Emacs based on ogg123.

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lundi 25 avril 2005

Contribution accepted!

As every wiki admin, I had to deal with spam. Speaking about it with my friend Mathieu, he told me about a simple but very efficient idea using captchas to block spam bots from altering the wiki. Captchas are randomly-generated images that display a string user has to type in to make sure she is a human. As a computer cannot easily decipher semi-obfuscated text printed on an image, it is easy to block programs ... and then spam bots.

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samedi 23 avril 2005

Back from Libr'east

I'm back from the Libr'east of Paris, where I gave a conference about Debian. Audience was relatively small (approximatively twenty persons), but even if I prepared my talk in the train heading to the conference, it was nice.

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vendredi 22 avril 2005

I've got a flying machine!

Err, not exactly but here they are, I've got keys for my new flat ... at last! My flatmates (including the famous incredible luk) and I are taking care of the essential details, that is to say setting up an decent internet connection and preparing a network map.

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mercredi 20 avril 2005

A whinner song (cha cha cha)

People complaining about being obligated to backport {@Debian} packages should really try lesser distributions like RHEL.

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lundi 11 avril 2005

Branden for president!

Not a very original post, but I'd like to congratulate Branden our new Debian Project Leader. As everyone that voted for Branden, I hope that he'll be successful in achieving his goals.

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samedi 9 avril 2005

Did my duty

After being frightened by our beloved secretary (less than two hours before the end of vote), I eventually casted my ballot. This is the first time I put someone under the not of the above since that could be offensive for the candidate, but this year one of the candidates is definitively not acceptable.

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jeudi 7 avril 2005

Hacking on Grisbi

Today was an intensive hacking session on {@grisbi}. I must admit I'm quite proud of it, since it led to a nearly complete rewrite of the user interface and to 2200 lines of code suppressed due to various optimizations and code refactoring. Yeah, this rocks!

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