What's making a good LSM? Of course, conferences. This year, I attended few conferences since I was only two days there. Regarding Debian, I attended the Debian-Women conference from Hanna Wallach. Hanna is a great speaker and her conference was quite enjoyable, the audience seems to have enjoyed it.

The other Debian conference was mine, initially planned at the same time than Hanna's, but we managed to report it later in the afternoon. It was about what I prefer when it comes to talking about Debian : our methodology, our mission and how our mission influence our methodology. More than three years after I joined Debian, I'm still amazed how people that do not know each other for the vast majority can work together and produce a coherent system.

I had fun with my talk and people seemed to enjoy it. Some of them told me that it was the first Debian conference they attend where the speaker did not pronounce the word apt. :-) Got the usual trolls during the Q&A session (like the Debian position about Ubuntu). After my talk, we had the key signing stuff ... where I realized I forgot my papers at home. And unfortunately, I haven't forgotten them. I've lost my ID card, driving licence and other papers with my wallet. Sigh, tomorrow I'll have to spend some time at the police station.

Beside conferences, there was the plenary session, where François Pellegrini, one of the main anti software patents activists got an affecting standing ovation after his conference about the recent EU vote. Two european MEPs were there (one leftist and one rightist) and they answered very constructively to our enquiries.

And of course, LSM would not be LSM without afters and happenings! We went every night to the tanneries, an anarchogeeks/artists squat where we had good time and good chat. Lots of interesting people and things there.